Call for applications is now closed

The first call for collaborators is closed. We received many hundreds applications which we will now start to review. Thank you all for your effort!

All applicants will be notified in April. It will be very hard since we can only select 40 candidates in total. However if you are not selected for the direct training and the data collection task, there are other options for you anyhow:

Massive open online course:
The 3 training sessions and protocols will be recorded and shared for independent collaboration. By understanding the protocols and their usage you will be able to make use of the data created through the LICCI Project.

LICCI Collaborative Science Platform:
We are developing a digital platform for data collection and usage for citizen scientists and researchers. Via a web application anyone will be able to record local indicators if climate change impacts in their environment. Social features will allow users to communicate and collaborate form groups and create projects.

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  1. Hi…I don´t remember that you have specified the deadline being in the European timezone. So, I thought that you would consider the day of March 25th from where the applicants would be. Unfortunately I entered here with all my documentation ready to applied myself and the call was closed. Please I ask you to confirm if you really specify the timezone in the call that I didn´t notice. If is not the case, I would ask you to reconsider this deadline and allow me (and other people in the same situtation) to partipate of the avaliation. That would be quite fair in case you have not specified a timezone. Thanks!

    • Hi Felipe,

      yes the page noted the timezone (Central European Time) and even had a counter, showing the hours on the remaining day.
      Stay tuned for the 2nd call

  2. Hi my name is Juan Nicolas Hernandez. Postdoctoral Earth Institute / Research Scientist at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society.

    Right now is 11:52 in NYC and according to the webpage submission was open during March 25th (you never specified time zone).

    I appreciate if you can please consider my application.

    Thank you,
    Juan Nicolas

    • Hi Juan,

      the page clearly wrote (Central European Time) basically from the beginning. There was even a counter on the last days, showing the remaining time.
      Stay tuned for the 2nd call.

  3. Hi,
    I applied for the last call of LICCI project for research collaboration. I would like to know whether the final candidate selection result for this call has already been made.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards

  4. Hello,

    I was wondering whether you have already notified the successful applicants.

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