Rosario Carmona

I am a Chilean anthropologist. Currently a PhD student at the Department of Anthropology of the Americas, Uni-Bonn, Germany, and a doctoral fellow at the Centre for Indigenous and Intercultural Studies (CIIR), Chile. I am interested in Indigenous rights, environmental justice and climate change. I have a master in Visual Arts, from the University of Chile and a master in Anthropology from the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano University, Chile. Also I have a diploma in Political Ecology from CLACSO and a diploma in Indigenous Rights from Fondo Indígena. I have experience in indigenous rights, knowledge, and participation.

I am researching the relevance of indigenous participation and the incidence of international mechanisms on climate policies in Chile. And analysing different understandings of climate vulnerability among the actors involved in this process. As LICCI project, I consider that local and indigenous knowledge is fundamental to design appropriate climate policies and adaptation strategies.