Rihan Wu

Rihan Wu (Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology, Peking University, China). As a Mongolian who was born in the agricultural area of inner Mongolia, I have always been interested in the traditional way of life of Mongolians, which I assumed without a doubt as nomadic husbandry. After I had several research tours of the western part of inner Mongolia I have changed my opinion on nomadism, and even have grown critical views on the word “nomadism” and everything related to that, especially with more and more younger generations of herders moving into urban areas nowadays. So later my research interest has shifted to the urbanization of former herders. With my research getting deeper and wider, I realized whatever kind of the herders’ movement to urban areas is, voluntary or involuntary, all became a new fashion of “mobility”, which somehow because of the limited options had left for husbandry and fewer profits of it due to the climate change and other reason.