Priyatma Singh

Priyatma is a Lecturer in Biology at the University of Fiji. She is also pursuing postgraduate studies in Climate Change at the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, the University of the South Pacific. Her research interests include Ecology and Marine Biology, and more recently climate resilience. Priyatma is involved in various climate change related projects, some of which include marine spatial planning, blue economy, climigration (both intra-island and inter-island), renewable energy and gender, climate change and health. She played a key role in managing EU sponsored project titled “Renewable Energy in the Pacific – Building Skills and Capacity”. She also initiated the first ever World Wide Views (WWViews) citizen’s consultation on “Climate and Energy” in Fiji. WWViews on Climate and Energy is an ambitious, global citizen participation project on global climate and energy policies and engagements hosted by UNFCCC. In her recent USAID funded project titled “Developing Base Maps of Tropical Aquatic Resources in the Pacific”, Priyatma had an opportunity to engage in participatory action research, which is considered to be an effective strategy for involving indigenous communities in research. Her research experience in working with the indigenous communities to understand their climate change adaptation strategies align well with the purpose of the LICCI Project.