LICCI partner – PhD students, postdocs and/or independent researchers recruited to collaborate with the LICCI project. They collect site-, household-, and individual-level data for the LICCI project using the standard LICCI protocol.

Abazeri, Mariam
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Iran
Athayde, Simone
Faculty member/Research Scientist
Field site: Brazilian Amazon
and US
Ávila, Julia Vieira da Cunha
Ph.D. Candidate
Field site: Brazil
Ayanlade, Ayansina 
Field site: Nigeria
Babai, Dániel
Field site: Gyimes region,
Baker, Janelle
Assistant Professor
Field site: Canada
Bulamah, Rodrigo
Field site: Haiti
Campos-Silva, Joao V.
Field site: Brazilian Amazon region
Carmona, Rosario
Ph.D. Student
Fields site: Lonquimay, Chile
Chakauya, Rumbidzayi
Ph.D. Candidate
Field site: Zimbabwe
Chengula, Fasco I.
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Mafia
Island, Tanzania
Conde, Esther
Field site: Bolivia
Cuni-Sanchez, Aida
Field site: Eastern Democratic
Republic of the Congo
Dudina, Evgeniya
Independent Researcher
Field site: Russia
Geffner Fuenmayor, Claudia
Research assistant
Field site: Solomon Islands
Gerkey, Drew
Assistant Professor
Field site: Siberia
Glauser, Marcos
Board Member
Field site: Paraguay
Hirsch, Eric
Assistant Professor
Field site: Colca Valley,
Arequipa Region, Peru
Izquierdo, Andrea
Field site: Puna, Argentina
Jungsberg, Leneisja
Research Fellow/Ph.D. Student
Field site: Greenland
Lanker, Marisa
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Guatemala
Leonard, Kelsey
Field site: Great Lakes, North America
Lopez-Maldonado, Yolanda
Field site: Yucatan, Mexico
Mariel, Juliette
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Madagascar
Mattalia, Giulia
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Bukovina, Romania
Miara, Mohamed Djamel
Field site: Algeria
Miñarro, Sara
BIGSEA postdoc
Field site: Solomon Islands
Nyadzi, Emmanuel
Field site: Ghana
Salimi, Maedeh
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Iran
Sanchez, Kimberly
Ph.D. Candidate
Field site: Mongolia
Seidler, Reinmar
Research Assistant Professor
Field site: India
Sharakhmatova, Victoria
Associate Professor/Researcher
Field site: Siberia
Sharma, Alpy
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Himachal
Pradesh, India
Shrestha, Uttam Babu
Research Fellow/Director
Field site: Nepal
Singh, Priyatma
Field site: Ba Province,
Swaminathan, Divya Rajeswari
Assistant Professor
Field site: Southern India
Ulambayar, Tungalag
Country Director
Field site: Mongolia
Torrents Ticó, Miquel
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Kenya