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LICCI – Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts: the contribution of local knowledge to climate change research – is a European Research Council (ERC) funded project aiming to bring indigenous and local knowledge to climate change research.

Through cutting-edge science, we strive to deepen our understandings of perceived climate change impacts, and endeavor to bring indigenous and local knowledge into policy-making processes and influence international climate change negotiations. The LICCI team is dedicated to creating a wide network, which encompasses researchers, practitioners, and the general public who are interested in indigenous and local knowledge systems and climate change.

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Collaborator Network Collaborator Network
The LICCI project seeks applications from Ph.D. students, early career scholars, and practitioners who share similar interests. The 2nd call is now closed
Citizen Science Platform Citizen Science Platform
We are creating a web-based platform in which any citizen in the world will be able to contribute information on local indicators of climate change impacts, and researchers will be able to connect to each other to exchange knowledge and data.


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