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Recent News

LICCI has successfully wrapped up the first training workshop!

The very first training workshop of LICCI took place at ICTA-UAB from 17th to 21st of June 2019. LICCI team members greeted 10 partners coming from different countries in Barcelona, Spain. It is an exciting moment to witness how common ground in research could bring people with very different expertise together and share insights from […]

News from the field: insights from the Serer

We arrived in the field by the end of April. The landscape was drab brown and dry, scattered with bushes, acacia trees and baobabs. In the past, the rainy season used to start earlier, we were told; by this time, the first millet seeds would have begun germinating across the fields. But nowadays the duration […]

Call for Software developer / UI designer

To support the development of the LICCI citizen science platform we are looking for 2 temporary developers (frontend/backend) and one UI/Webdesigner.

New publication from the LICCI team!

“A collaborative approach to bring insights from local observations of climate change impacts into global climate change research” Based on a review of research on place-based observations of climate change impacts, in this paper the LICCI team explores the challenges and potentials of bringing insights from indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) into climate research. Specifically, […]

News from the field: the Betsimisaraka expertise

As a continuation of the work undertaken in Kenya, our team carries on with the protocol testing in Madagascar to further improve the methodologies for future global data collection. In April, LICCI core team members Xiaoyue Li and Vincent Porcher took a field trip to Madagascar to work with the Betsimisaraka people of Vavatenia. Residing […]

News from the field: Accounts from the Daasanach

Two members of the LICCI team (Victoria Reyes-García and André B. Junqueira) have recently returned from Kenya, where they have started working with the Daasanach people. The Daasanach are a semi-nomadic agro-pastoralist group that inhabit arid areas in southern Ethiopia and northeastern Kenya, in the surroundings of the Omo River Delta and the Lake Turkana […]

Call for applications is now OPEN!

We are seeking applications from Ph.D. students, early career scholars, and practitioners to join us for this exciting opportunity to work on local indicators of climate change impacts. We welcome applicants with background in anthropology, geography, ecology, and related fields working with indigenous populations or climate change topics to apply! Check out the Call for […]

COP24 paves way for operationalization of Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP), established in 2015 under the Paris Agreement (Decision 1/CP.21), is one step closer to its operationalization after parties to the UNFCCC agreed to launch a facilitative working group (FWG), which will be composed of seven party representatives and seven indigenous representatives.

LICCI meets other participatory European projects

In order to further explore the challenges and opportunities we will face, Petra Benyei (LICCI team member) travelled to Paris to attend the “Empowering civil society through participatory investigation?” European Round Table Workshop.

Survey to scientists completed

Before launching the LICCI project we conducted an online survey to capture “experts’ opinion” about the feasibility of incorporating LICCIs in climate change studies.