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LICCI first results

Bringing Indigenous and local knowledge to climate change research

“Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts: the contribution of local knowledge to climate change research” is an ERC – funded project aiming to bring Indigenous and local knowledge to climate change research. Through cutting-edge science, Victoria Reyes-García and her team at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona strive to deepen our understandings of perceived climate change impacts, […]

New Publication

Understanding Multidirectional Climate Change Impacts on Local Livelihoods through the Lens of Local Ecological Knowledge: A Study in Western Amazonia Climate-related changes taking place in Amazonia substantially impact social-ecological systems, affecting local livelihoods strongly reliant on natural resources. Here, we investigate climate change impacts on different livelihood activities in western Amazonia, through the lens of […]

Report calls for Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge to be included in climate policy

A new report highlights how recognising Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ knowledge systems could do more to address climate change than many current approaches. It also argues for ensuring the full and equitable inclusion of Indigenous Peoples and local communities within policy processes. The report, published as a white paper, was produced by an international […]

We’re hiring an Ethics Advisor for the Research on Indigenous Data Governance Protocols project

The landscape of Sierra Nevada

by David García del Amo This month has been published finally the book: “The Landscape of Sierra Nevada. A unique laboratory of global processes in Spain”.  The Sierra Nevada hosted the last glaciers in southern Europe. Today, it is one of the most important centers of plant diversity in the western Mediterranean and one of […]

Giving Back to Communities: What and how to give back

by Ouerle Chao (co-organizer o the LICCI webinar “giving back to local communities”) At the last LICCI webinar, themed “Giving Back to the Community,” it was our goal to have an open discussion and brainstorm with our LICCI partners and collaborators on what and how to give back to communities. Vincent, one of the core […]

Coral reef socio-ecological systems in a changing environment: voices from Kenyan small-scale fishers

by Mouna Chambon Coral reefs are famous for hosting rich marine life and providing major services to coastal communities around the world. Yet, those fragile ecosystems are increasingly threatened by human pressures such as overfishing, pollution and climate change. This is especially true in the western Indian Ocean, which has experienced massive coral bleaching events […]

“Who and what am I without fish and fishing?”:  How climate change is shaping the identity of indigenous peoples in Nekrasovka on Sakhalin Island

by Evgeniya Dudina The Nivkhi are an indigenous people who have traditionally lived in the region of the Lower Amur river and Sakhalin Island. According to the most recent census (2020), there are around two thousand Nivkhi remaining on Sakhalin. Their livelihood depends almost entirely on fishing and gathering wild berries and plants. One afternoon […]

Chiloé Agriculture: a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System threatened by drought

by Julián Caviedes Fieldwork is one of the most exciting and fun aspects of doing research. You get the chance to travel, meet new people and places, and live unique experiences. In the field is were you get inspiration and energy to survive the endless hours in front of the computer you will spend once […]