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Exhibition: “Time is running out. Climate change perception of a generation”

Date: 9th November 2021 – 20th March 2022Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 10-20hVenue: Valencian Museum of EthnologyMore information at:   Climate change is an undeniable truth, but it seems that we continue to consider that it does not concern us directly, as if it only affected the thaw in the Arctic, the polar bears or the glaciers of […]

How do local gardeners teach us about climate change impacts in the Mediterranean region?

Threatened urban gardens’ ecosystem services in Cataluña. At the beginning of April 2021, I started going to Sant Cugat del Vallès, a municipality located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain, to collect LICCI data for my master thesis. The main focus of my research was to understand the climate change impacts that local gardeners […]

Local fishers teach us about climate change impacts on the northern Catalan coast

On April 9th, 2021, I arrived in Costa Brava, on the northern Catalan coast (Spain), to collect LICCI data from local artisanal fishers’ perspectives for my master’s thesis. I was seeking to learn how climate change affected local fishers and how fishers responded to climate change effects. To do so, I decided to visit six […]

Debates A-4U: “Securing Food Production in a Climate Change Environment”

Date: Thursday, November 25th 2021Time: 10.30 CETVenue: UAB- Sala d’actes Rectorat and online Information and registration here (on-site and online) We are glad to inform you that next Thursday, November 25th, the UAB will hold the third session of the Series of Debates “Reshaping the Dialogue with Contemporary African Worlds”, organised by the Alianza 4 Universidades (A-4U). This session is co-organized by the […]

The COP26, adaptation to climate change and Indigenous Peoples and local communities

Adaptation, Loss and Damage 26 years after the first COP in 1995, the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases is higher than ever before – despite a little drop in CO2 emissions in 2019 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence, reaching the goal of the Paris Agreement of staying below +1.5ºC temperature increase […]

Climate change and Indigenous People and local communities. A new online course

Climate change impacts vary among different social groups, who perceive and adapt to it in different ways. In this course, students will: a) understand the differentiated impacts that climate change has on Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC); b) familiarize themselves with different responses to climate change impacts led by IPLC; and c) learn about […]

LICCI on air

Using proverbs to study local perceptions of climate change: a case study in Sierra Nevada (Spain) David Garcia (LICCI core team) spoke on SER Radio about the project conducted with María Garteizgogeascoa and Victoria Reyes (LICCI core team) in Sierra Nevada (Spain), using the local knowledge embodied in proverbs to explore climate change impacts at local […]

Are we reaching the tipping point?

Brussels – July 2021 While pursuing master studies in tropical ecosystems and biodiversity at the Free University of Brussels (VUB/ULB), I engaged as an intern at the LICCI project because of my particular interest in sustainable management in coastal and marine socio-ecological systems. Specifically, regarding the local perspectives —which is the core research focus of […]

Kéré or the massive impact of Climate change on hunger.

If Madagascar is famous for its amazing biodiversity, the big red island is also the theatre of extremes climatic events and extreme poverty. In the complex socio-economic situation of Madagascar – one of the five poorest countries in the world – where food scarcity, locally called Kéré, is frequent, food security is the main issue. […]

Launch of the First LICCI Scientific Fisheries Seminar

On Friday 2nd of July, the LICCI Fisheries Group launched its first scientific seminar, taking the opportunity to highlight the great work of the fisheries group members. Here are the main insights of the event. The Fisheries Group builds on a network of partners and collaborators in the LICCI research network who are collecting local […]