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#Interns blog: Reflections about the current climate crisis and its social movements

I am a sociology student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and conducting my internship in the LICCI project. My choice to apply for an internship at LICCI derived from my participation in a subject related to environmental sociology. In this course, we discussed about the relationship between social movements and current environmental problems, […]

Welcome to OpenTEK – the Citizen Science Platform

We are excited to launch OpenTEK, the LICCI citizen science online platform. The main purpose of the platform is to encourage participation in climate research by allowing anyone in the world to document and classify observations of climate change impacts in order to make them more visible and get a more complete picture of climate […]

LICCI at the ReSoDiv workshop in Paris: seed and knowledge networks for climate change adaptation

LICCI team members Anna Porcuna Ferrer and Vanesse Labeyrie participated the 7th-8th of September in the ReSoDiv workshop in Paris. The workshop brought together researchers from different disciplines to discuss the effects of geography on the analysis of networks of circulation of biological objects (plant seeds, animals) and the knowledge associated with them within agrarian […]

The needle in the haystack: finding climate-driven changes among the multiple interlinked changes affecting mountain agroecosystem in Spain

This summer, taking advantage of a small window of improvement in the COVID-19 crisis, LICCI collaborators Laura Levy and Joana Blanch, as well as LICCI core team member Petra Benyei, have been conducting their fieldwork in three mountain agroecosystems in Spain: Alpujarra Alta, Vall de Cardós and Cabrales, in the Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees and Picos […]

Members of the LICCI team for a day: a role play

LICCI team members prepared a role play that took place last Saturday (11th July) with a group of 15 high school students. The objective was to understand the local impacts of climate change. Working in three groups and on different case studies, students dived into the work of the LICCI team. Students had different roles […]


We have created our official YouTube Channel! Take a look at this short video of the LICCI project and subscribe! A glimpse into the LICCI project (Spanish subtitles) A glimpse into the LICCI project (Catalan subtitles)

LICCI on air in Spain

María Garteizgogeascoa and David Garcia (LICCI core team) spoke on Aragón Radio about their project conducted in Sierra Nevada (Spain), which presented a novel way of using the local knowledge embodied in proverbs to explore climate change impacts at local scales. You can listen to the interview (in Spanish) here:

We are hiring!

Apply now to be the Project officer (half time) of our new project ICCION – “Indigenous Climate Change Impacts Observation Network”. ICCION aims at bringing IPLC’s knowledge and perspectives to climate change policy fora. The position is based at the ICTA-UAB and the person hired will work in close collaboration with the LICCI team. You […]

Letter to decarbonize research through funding rules

LICCI core-team members & colleagues have written a letter suggesting new rules that coordinate the decarbonization of research activities. The letter will be submitted to an academic journal, but to make the petition stronger, we would like the petition to be supported by scientists from several disciplines and academic fields. We are thus, requesting you […]

First virtual LICCI training workshop: despite the distance, a big success

Last week took place the first online LICCI training workshop. It gave us the opportunity to connect with researchers and practitioners based in different parts of the world and working with climate change and local communities, to discuss other possibilities for data collection. With the difficult circumstances in the Covid-19 pandemic, the LICCI team is […]