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Recent News

Victoria Reyes-García receives an ERC Proof of Concept grant linked to the LICCI project

Victoria Reyes-García ICREA Research Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) is one of the 76 top researchers that will receive ERC Proof of Concept grants. This top-up funding is awarded to ERC grantees to explore the innovation potential of their scientific discoveries and bring the […]

Notes from the field: the chronicles of sensitivity to LICCI among rural farmers in Southwestern Nigeria

During October and December 2019, the LICCI partner Ayansina Ayanlade and colleagues – Isaac A. Oluwatimilehin and Godwin Atai – started to implement the LICCI protocol among rural farmers in the states of Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun and Kwara in Southwestern Nigeria. The team worked to identify the sensitivities of rural farmers to climate change […]

The LICCI protocol is now available online!

Thanks to several field methods testing carried out by the core team in various Indigenous communities and to the valuable inputs form the LICCI partners, the core team built the LICCI protocol. The protocol has its own DOI and is now available online for the public to use! You can find it here: or […]

Call for an MSc student in Environmental Studies Assessing “climate change research” carbon footprint: The LICCI project case study

Requisite: Student of the Master in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability (MEISAES, ICTA-UAB) or Degrowth Master, fluent in Spanish/Catalan and English. Description: This call is offered within the framework of the ERC funded project LICCI”Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts. The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research” ( The main […]

Last but not least: the LICCI training workshops are officially concluded

A new page of the LICCI project is about to start as we have concluded the third and the very last training workshop. In November, we hosted 17 partners at ICTA-UAB in Barcelona for one week of intense training workshop again to comprehend the LICCI protocol . It is another fruitful and constructive week in […]

LICCI on air in Brazil

Updates from our partners! We are happy to see that the dissemination of the LICCI project is running well through the world. Here, our Brazilian team Julia Avila (partners) and André Braga Junqueira (core team members) have recently recorded a podcast with a local radio (RioMar) and the Mamiraua Institut where they speak about their […]

Assessing the crop diversity trends in relation with climate change based on local knowledge

Predictions based on agroclimatic models predict a dramatic decrease in the agricultural production at the global scale, thus affecting the livelihoods of millions of peoples. However, these models focus on the major crops and are too coarse to represent the diversity of crop landraces responses to climate change. Lead by Vanesse Labeyrie, partners in the […]

Notes from the field: Tracking LICCIs in the Territorio Indígena Tsimane’

This past October, André, Petra, and Viki from the LICCI core team went on a field trip to the Territorio Indígena Tsimane’ (Dept. Beni, Bolivia). Tomas Huanca, Esther Conde, Isidoro Canchi and Elias Isa, members of our partner organization “Centro Boliviano de Desarrollo Socio Integral” (CBIDSI) also came along. Together, they worked in identifying changes […]

Open call for papers for special issue in Journal of Ethnobiology: Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

Notes from the field: discussing with Twa hunter-gatherers in eastern DR Congo

During August and September 2019, LICCI partner Dr Cuni Sanchez and her colleagues Dr G. Imani and R. Batumike, started their research on climate change perceptions and adaptation by the Twa hunter-gatherers living around Kahuzi-Biega National Park. This park which covers lowland and montane forests, hosts several endangered iconic mammals such as Grauer’s gorilla (Gorilla […]