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Recent News

Letter to decarbonize research through funding rules

LICCI core-team members & colleagues have written a letter suggesting new rules that coordinate the decarbonization of research activities. The letter will be submitted to an academic journal, but to make the petition stronger, we would like the petition to be supported by scientists from several disciplines and academic fields. We are thus, requesting you […]

First virtual LICCI training workshop: despite the distance, a big success

Last week took place the first online LICCI training workshop. It gave us the opportunity to connect with researchers and practitioners based in different parts of the world and working with climate change and local communities, to discuss other possibilities for data collection. With the difficult circumstances in the Covid-19 pandemic, the LICCI team is […]

Exploring climate change through proverbs in Sierra Nevada (Spain)

A new study, published in the journal Regional Environmental Change, presents a novel way of using the local knowledge embodied in proverbs to explore climate change impacts at local scales. The study took place in Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain), a perfect location to study climate change through the view of local people for two main […]

The return of the Sun in Qaanaaq, Greenland

The 11th of February 2020, I arrived in Qaanaaq, the northernmost town in Greenland with 632 inhabitants. It was a few days before the sun returned on the sky after three months of Polar nights. For a few weeks the light was slowly coming back and some days you could sense the sun casting glimpses […]

A hub within a biocultural mesh: Climate change in the Betsileo perception (Madagascar)

The Betsileo are an ethnic group of rice growers and livestock keepers occupying the south of the highlands of Madagascar. Rice and zebu, Betsileo main staple foods and important gifts for the ancestors, are deeply affected by climate change. Interestingly, from the Betsileo perspective, climate change is not only the result of a bioclimatic process […]

The new LICCI citizen science platform will soon be available for everyone!

We are creating a new platform called OpenTEK that will allow the general public to report and describe perceived local indicators of climate change impacts from any place in the world in an easy way. If you want to help us test and improve the tool, we’ll hold a webinar on  April 21st from 3 […]

Upcoming workshops

We are currently seeking to establish more collaborations with researchers and practitioners based in Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Asia whose work involves climate change and local communities, and who are willing to contribute to the goals of the LICCI project. With that purpose, and if the current COVID-19 crisis allows, several regional training workshops […]

Beyond the local: The geographical spread of climate change impacts in the Bassari landscape (Senegal)

The Bassari are a group of agriculturalists who live in the South West of Senegal, in the Kédougou region. Hunter-gatherers until the last century, the Bassari nowadays practice extensive agriculture, alternating crops with fallow areas. Among the many threats to Bassari traditional agricultural system, we recorded one that goes beyond the local: the arrival of […]

The crop diversity protocol is available online!

Another great news: the crop diversity group has released the crop diversity protocol! The protocol has its own DOI and is available online for the public to use! You can find it here: or download it here:

The fisheries protocol is now available online!

Great news from the Fisheries group! Finally the fisheries data collection protocol has its own DOI and is now available online for the public to use (both non- and LICCI partners)! You can find it here: or you can download it here: