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Understanding Multidirectional Climate Change Impacts on Local Livelihoods through the Lens of Local Ecological Knowledge: A Study in Western Amazonia

Climate-related changes taking place in Amazonia substantially impact social-ecological systems, affecting local livelihoods strongly reliant on natural resources. Here, we investigate climate change impacts on different livelihood activities in western Amazonia, through the lens of local ecological knowledge. We conducted semi-structured interviews and surveys with ∼400 residents from 24 communities spread across a ∼600 km stretch of the Juruá River. Residents reported a vast set of changes, many referring to changes in the atmospheric system (e.g., more summer rainfall), but with cascading effects in physical, biological, and human systems. Beyond demonstrating the manifold and multidirectional climate change impacts, our findings highlight the contribution of local ecological knowledge in identifying vulnerable livelihood activities and biodiversity-based value chains.

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