Update: November 2021
Workshops with partner organizations and the communities they represent were conducted from July – September 2021 in order to design each platform according to community user preferences. The Oblo surveys are now under development and beta versions are expected to be released in December 2021.

Oblo is a free and open-source technology designed by the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals allowing anyone to create online platforms to document and visualize geolocalized data. The first platform the LICCI research team built with Oblo is OpenTEK, a citizen science tool designed to encourage participation in climate research by allowing anyone in the world to document and classify observations on climate change impacts.

With civil society partners, LICCION is now developing tailor-made platforms designed to not only facilitate the documentation and visualization of local climate change impacts knowledge but also allow community-specific protocols to be respected and integrated, as well as preferred ownership levels. When relevant, these platforms aim to prioritize Indigenous data sovereignty principles over the more common FAIR principles of open data, giving users control of their data.

Core functions include:

  • create an account and add local observations to an interactive map.
  • filter to search for specific observations (i.e. by climatic zone).
  • create entries in any language.
  • collaborate (collectively or individually) on data items.
  • select privacy settings for each data item.
  • allow communities to assign meta data labels to Indigenous data that indicate data access, usage and sharing protocols.