Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts Observation Network

LICCION is a network of research and civil society partners supporting Indigenous peoples and local communities to document and communicate local-level climate change impacts.

Our mission is to strengthen the recognition and participation of IPLC in regional and international research and policy decisions around climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Based on the LICCI research project, we’re developing open source platforms with community users to collect and visualize geolocalized knowledge on local climate change impacts. Learn more about Oblo.

Network Partners

The Indigenous Peoples’ Foundation for Education and Environment (IPF)

IPF is a community based organisation officially established in 2005 in Thailand and works in order to best serve the need of its target communities particularly on issues of indigenous peoples’ education, self-determined development and customary land use and natural resource management.

Centre of Research & Development in Upland Area (CERDA)  

CERDA is a non-governmental and not for profit organisation based in Vietnam promoting the active participation of ethnic minorities and women in the upland area and islands. CERDA supports these groups to achieve self-reliance, exercise their full rights and legitimate interests, improve quality of life, sustainable management of natural resources, and to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Vietnam.

The Center for Indigenous People’s Research and Development (CIPRED)

CIPRED is an organisation devoted to serve the needs of the Indigenous peoples, local communities and women of Nepal by ensuring protection of their traditional customary practices, traditional knowledge and skills to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and livelihoods. CIPRED aims for Indigenous Peoples’ Sustainable Self Determined Development (IPSSDD) through research and education.

The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology 

(ICTA-UAB) is a multidisciplinary centre that promotes academic research and postgraduate education in the environmental sciences. It aims to improve our understanding of global environmental change, and the nature and causes of environmental problems. In addition, it studies policies, strategies and technologies to foster a transition to a sustainable future.

News and Publications

This work is funded and supported by the European Research Council and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.