LICCI has successfully wrapped up the first training workshop!

The very first training workshop of LICCI took place at ICTA-UAB from 17th to 21st of June 2019. LICCI team members greeted 10 partners coming from different countries in Barcelona, Spain. It is an exciting moment to witness how common ground in research could bring people with very different expertise together and share insights from each one’s own field. The underlying idea of the workshop is to build a comprehensive understanding of the data collection protocols and to discuss how to adapt them to the local context of each partners’ field site.

It was an intense but immensely inspiring week, which enriched discussions about indigenous and local knowledge and climate change, bridged collaborations between young scholars and senior scientists, and interspersed by traditional Spanish cuisine, wine and beers! Hats off to all the partners for their invaluable contributions! See you soon!!