Julie Snorek

As a social ecologist, Julie Snorek has been developing an intricate understanding of social, ecological, and political transitions in the Sahel and Sahara where she has lived and worked for over twelve years with rural, nomadic and semi-nomadic societies. Throughout her research, Snorek strives to engage in a co-production of knowledge and to support and enhance practice of sustainability. Her interests and expertise include: soil regenerative agro-ecologies, feminist political ecology, environmentally-induced migration, climate change as it relates to conflicts and cooperation dynamics, the links among hegemony, militarization and extractive economies, the governance of common pool regimes, social and environmental justice movements, and just transitions or ‘alternatives’ to development. Along with her work in the Sahel, Snorek collaborates with ENVS professors and local partners to understand how social institutions like ubuntu support water management in South Africa and Namibia.