Juliana Lins

Juliana Lins (M.Sc. in Botany, 2013, National Research Institute for Amazonia), is an Intercultural Research Analyst at Socioenvironmental Institute (ISA) in Northwest Brazilian Amazonia. She works in an environmental and climatic monitoring project carried out by a network of ~ 50 indigenous researchers, connected to the indigenous movement. Juliana has a large field experience in Amazonia, and during her Masters, she worked with ethnobiology researches, with interfaces in archeology, in order to understand the processes that led Amazonia to be, at least in part, a cultural and domesticated forest, as the result of human populations management since pre-Columbian times. Her current researches are based on partnerships between indigenous and non-indigenous researchers in collaboration with a group of advisors to indigenous researchers at ISA. The main focus of this project is to advance in the development of an environmental and climate-monitoring system that contributes to the environmental and climatic governance of the Rio Negro basin, also considering the current context of climate changes.