Julián Caviedes

Julián Caviedes is an agronomist from Chile and he also holds an MSc in Conservation from the University College London. He is currently a PhD student at the ICTA from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and research fellow from the ECOS (Ecosystem-Complexity-Society) Laboratory & UC Center for Local Development (CEDEL) in Chile. 

After he graduated from his MSc in 2015, he switched his research interests from a conservation biology perspective to a perspective more focused on the resilience of social-ecological systems and agroecology. For the last five years, he has been living in the South of Chile in a small town called Pucón working in different projects regarding home gardens, food sovereignty and agroforestry. Currently, his main research interest focuses on the livelihood resilience of Mapuche and non-indigenous Campesinos in agroforestry systems in the South of Chile. 

Study site: Wallmapu, Chile