Joao Vitor Campos-Silva

I am an early career ecologist with a broad interest on conservation of tropical social-ecological systems. I have been working since 2008 with research and conservation practices in Amazonia and Brazilian coast, focusing on biodiversity conservation, sustainable-use protected areas, indigenous people, fisheries and community-based arrangements.

Currently, I am  a postdoc at Norwegian University of life science in Norway, associate researcher at Federal University of Alagoas in Brazil, coordinating the human dimension of a long-term monitoring project (PELD-APACC) and also president of Jurua Institute, a NGO created to delivery scientific subsidies for local communities joining in successful cases of Community-based management. My current interest also includes assessing the effects of climate change on Amazon social-ecological system through Local Ecological Knowledge and modeling. Together with LICCI team we are going to elucidate how the extreme events (large floods and droughts) can impact local livelihoods, and how can we increase the adaptability of rural communities.