Janelle Baker

She is Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the Athabasca University and her research is about sakâwiyiniwak (Northern Bush Cree) experiences with wild food contamination in Canada’s oil sands region. She is a co-PI (with Metis anthropologist Zoe Todd at the Carleton University) of a SSHRC Frontiers funded project on “Plural perspectives on Bighorn Country: restor(y)ing land use governance and bull trout population health in Alberta”. Since 2006, her research focuses on collaborative applied traditional land use research for First Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Her research celebrates women’s knowledge, traditional foods, and boreal forest identities; and she collaborates with scientists on community-based and climate change monitoring projects. Currently, she is the North America’s Representative at the Board of Directors for the International Society of Ethnobiology and winner of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies – ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences category