James Donald Nyamahono

James Donald Nyamahono (Master of Social Sciences in Environmental Sociology, 2018, University of Fort Hare in South Africa) is currently a Doctoral Fellow specialising in Environmental and Ecological Sociology at the University of Fort Hare (see www.ufh.ac.za). James is interested in environmental sociology and is an Environmental Sociologists accredited as an Education and Training Development Practitioner who works closely with the indigenous peoples by:

  • Designing, organising, implementing and critically evaluating environmental learning programmes;
  • Educating indigenous peoples on the relevancy of the policies and conventions to environmental education;
  • Investigating options for improved environmental management and sustainable development;
  • Conducting volunteer services in a specific environment; and

James is also a part time lecturer at the above named university. For the past six (6) years (2014-2019) he has worked at the Alliance on the Collaboration on Climate and Earth Systems Science (see www.access.ac.za ) where he served as the Provincial Representative in the NEC and a Core Lecturer and facilitated in the formation of science clubs in more than 20 rural high schools. James’ role as a LICCI partner is to investigate how the rural communities in the rural Central Wild-Coast of South Africa, around Dwesa-Cwebe Nature Reserve at 32.260°S 28.895°E, participate in the management of Protected Areas and explore other indigenous ways in which they adapt their subsistence living to environmental and climate changes.