Have you observed an ILICC?

Stock picture from Pixabay (CC0)

This past weekend, LICCI researchers Anna Schlingmann and Petra Benyei run an activity with twenty students from all over Catalunya.

The participants (aged around 17 y.o.) are taking part in an activity series called “Bojos per les Ciències de la Terra” (i.e., Crazy for the earth sciences), run by several researchers at ICTA-UAB in collaboration with the “Catalunya La Pedrera” foundation.

They were asked to previously interview elders in their community (grandparents or neighbors) in order to document local observations of climate change impacts or ILICC (Indicadors Locals dels Impactes del Canvi Climàtic).

Then, during the activity, we explained the importance of these data and the way in which the local observations can be reported in the LICCI citizen science platform OpenTEK, which now has a Catalan version!

The OpenTEK platform is constantly evolving and more dissemination activities will follow. So, if interested in running one, please get in touch with the team at !