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      You have some feedback about the app? This is the place

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      Some known problems for version 0.6.8

      THIS WILL BE FIXED BY THE END OF THIS WEEK (for version 0.6.9)

      – Some lists show button to delete items from lists twice. I saw it in The Calendar entry for events/activities.
      – The popup-window for deleting entries that are in a lists, like villages, calendar delete the item, even if cancel is pressed. Actual workaround: tapping outside the popup will leave the entry.
      – When the page is pulled up, it reloads the page and will end up on a page-not-found site.

      Some minor problems:
      When going from “My entries” to an entry and then clicking on “save and back” should go back to the “my entries page” not the parent.
      Cancel on new entries, shouldnt show the “entry deleted snackbar”
      The snackbar for “save and back” behaves weird, probably because of the scrolling on the parent page.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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