Local climate change impacts on aquatic ecosystems and fisheries

Climate change is expected to significantly change the availability and trade of fishery products due to changes in the distribution and productivity of marine and freshwater species. However, the high diversity in aquatic systems and their associated fisheries result in a mosaic of impacts and responses at the local scale which have not been comprehensively documented yet. Led by Sara Miñarro, partners in the LICCI research network will collect local level data of local fishery changes and resulting adaptations of fishing communities around the world.

The fisheries data collection protocol has its own DOI and is publicly
available online:

Fishery Protocol

Who leads this Project?

Miñarro, Sara
BIGSEA postdoc
Field site: Solomon Islands

LICCI Core team members involved (ICTA-UAB)

Petra Benyei
Postdoctoral researcher

André Braga Junqueira
Postdoctoral researcher

Mouna Chambon
Ph.D. researcher

Victoria Reyes García
ICREA Research Professor

Joey Ngunu
Research assistant

LICCI Partners involved

Campos-Silva, Joao V.
Field site: Brazilian Amazon region

Chengula, Fasco I.
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Mafia
Island, Tanzania

Conde, Esther
Field site: Bolivia

Claudia Geffner Fuenmayor
MSc Researcher
Field site: Mediterranean Catalan coast

Dudina, Evgeniya
Independent Researcher
Field site: Russia

Gerkey, Drew
Assistant Professor
Field site: Siberia

Jungsberg, Leneisja
Research Fellow/Ph.D. Student
Field site: Greenland

Leonard, Kelsey
Field site: Great Lakes, North America

Salimi, Maedeh
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Iran

Sharakhmatova, Victoria
Associate Professor/Researcher
Field site: Siberia

Singh, Priyatma
Field site: Ba Province,

LICCI Collaborators involved

Andre C. Colonese

Jorge García Polo

Mariana O. Estevo

Maria Garteizgogeascoa

Yorgos Stratoudakis

For more information or to get involved please contact: 

The fisheries group is an on-going collaboration with the BIGSEA project (ERC grant agreement No 682602).

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