First virtual LICCI training workshop: despite the distance, a big success

Last week took place the first online LICCI training workshop. It gave us the opportunity to connect with researchers and practitioners based in different parts of the world and working with climate change and local communities, to discuss other possibilities for data collection.

With the difficult circumstances in the Covid-19 pandemic, the LICCI team is adjusting towards more flexible ways to collaborate, engage and reach out. This workshop was initially designed to be the first of a series of regional face-to-face training workshops to be conducted in Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Asia. The virtual edition showed that it is possible to build bridges, create synergies, and establish new collaborations to expand the LICCI network despite physical distance. The strategy also reduces our carbon footprint.

We would like to thank all participants who so generously shared their time, motivation and enthusiasm with us. It is a pleasure to have you on board! For those interested in applying the LICCI protocols, all the sessions were recorded and the videos will be soon available in our website.

Participants in the LICCI online training workshop