Exhibition: “Time is running out. Climate change perception of a generation”

Date: 9th November 2021 – 20th March 2022
Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 10-20h
Venue: Valencian Museum of Ethnology

More information at: https://letno.dival.es/en/exposicion/temporal-exposition/el-temps-esta-destarifat  

Climate change is an undeniable truth, but it seems that we continue to consider that it does not concern us directly, as if it only affected the thaw in the Arctic, the polar bears or the glaciers of the Himalayas. The LICCI project has collaborated with the Valencian Museum of Ethnology on an exhibition that shows that climate change fully affects us all, as a society.

The exhibition shows the perceptions of older people, who live in rural areas and who have worked in activities in close contact to nature, describing climate change manifestations in their local environment and professional activities (e.g., farming, livestock keeping, etc.). The choice of the interviewees was made following scientific criteria, looking for those informants who, due to their work and place of residence, are privileged observers of a reality that for many of us who live in the city goes more unnoticed.

The testimonies shown in the exhibition confront us with an undeniable truth: the dramatic transformations of nature. The reduction of rainfall and its lack of regularity, the increase in heat and its earlier arrival, the reduction of winter snowfall and the delay in winter are just some of the local perceptions of climate change impacts convened in this exhibition.

If you have the chance: we strongly encourage you to visit the exhibition!