Esther Conde Velasco

(Bsc in Biology, Universidad Mayor de San Andres) I am a biologist, native to Bolivia, who has lived and done research among native Amazonians in Bolivia since the 2000s. I understand and I am familiar with the changes in culture, lifestyle, and habitat of indigenous peoples in the Bolivian Amazon. I have worked more than ten consecutive years in the Tsimane’ territory, frequently visited the communities and have created bonds of mutual trust and respect with the Tsimane’ people and their local authorities. I am also fluent in Spanish and speak Tsimane’, which allows me to work in diverse groups and contexts. Currently, I work as a field researcher and I represent as an Executive Secretary the Centro Boliviano de Desarrollo y de Investigación Socio Integral (CBIDSI). Because I have worked in the field for so long, I know the geography of the Tsimane’ territory and I am able to depict environmental problems. Even more, I am interested in local climate changes in the Tsimane’ territory. Therefore, considering my personal concern for the environment, I might be able to contribute to it with the implementation of this LICCI project. Further, I have vast experience in field surveys and the organization of fieldwork. I was also the second field main person in the Tsimane’ Amazonian Panel Study (2002-2010).

Articles in which I participated:

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