Emmanuel Mawuli Nii Armah Nyadzi Attoh

Emmanuel M.N.A.N. Attoh is a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University with expertise in applied climatology. He possesses extraordinary interdisciplinary research skills in combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods including interpretative tools/models and citizen science.

Part of his research focused on harnessing indigenous people forecast knowledge and integrating it with a scientific forecast to improve the accuracy and acceptability of weather and seasonal climate forecast information for adaptive water management and food production in Ghana. He used Citizen Science, Ethno-climatology, and fuzzy mental modelling approach to engage rural farmers as well as develop a novel approach to integrate scientific and indigenous forecast. Furthermore, Emmanuel has research and publish papers that evaluate the perception of local climate change impact

Emmanuel’s research falls in line with LICCI‘s core aim of deepening understanding of perceived climate change impacts and bringing indigenous and local knowledge into policy-making processes and influence international climate change negotiations.