Ecofeminism, Climate Change, and Commons

On May 18, the scientific coordinator of the LICCI project, Laura Calvet-Mir, took part in the debate on Ecofeminism, Climate Change, and Commos within the Climate Justice Conference organized by the University of Girona.

The session began with a theoretical introduction to the concepts. It then went to specific cases, where five women researchers discussed how to integrate decolonial, post-capitalist, and care visions into climate change research. Specifically, with the results of three case studies carried out in Spain on climate change and commons, Calvet-Mir concluded that the commons are a crucial strategy to ensure the resilience of socio-ecological systems to climate change. These, from a political ecology perspective, can promote an alternative organization of production, exchange, and labor beyond capitalism, taking into account the power relations of different social actors and the institutional environments that foster these power relations. Finally, the commons recognize the social and ecological interdependencies and emphasize the need for a post-capitalist economy that incorporates the reproductive economy and care in line with ecofeminism.