Discussing local and global climate change impacts with pupils and students

“What will happen if we do nothing?”

Back in December, Anna Schlingmann was invited for a video call with 11-year old pupils from a primary school in Aragón to provide answer to their questions on climate change and expected impacts.

It was interesting to see that the pupils were specifically worried about the situation in the Arctic and the future of polar bears. However, they also wondered how climate change will affect humans, and what consequences could arise from rising sea levels, increased water evaporation and possible droughts. One pupil asked for more information concerning “the worst case that could happen”, while another one feared that “the world could explode due to climate change”. Since several pupils were interested in knowing what humans can do to limit global warming, the session was closed with a discussion on simple steps each of us can take to contribute to limit future climate change.

Have you observed a LICCI? Version 3.0

Like it is now tradition (it’s the third consecutive year!), last 12th of February LICCI team members Anna Schlingmann, Ramin Soleymani and Anna Porcuna Ferrer run an activity with high school students from all over  Catalonia.

This initiative was organized within the framework of “Bojos per la Ciència” (i.e., Mad for Science about), a program financed by “Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera” that aims at encouraging scientific vocations by organizing theoretical-practical sessions given by a wide-range of research groups in Catalonia.

Before the session, participants interviewed elders in their families/community (grandparents, neighbours, etc.) in order to document local observations of climate change impacts (LICCIs) in Spain. During the activity, we discussed about the importance of this knowledge to understand climate change effects worldwide and entered the information in the LICCI citizen science platform OpenTEK.

Participants also gave us great advice on user-flow improvements for the platform. Thanks a lot!

The OpenTEK platform is constantly evolving and more dissemination activities will follow. So, if interested in running one, please get in touch with the team at !