Assessing the crop diversity trends in relation with climate change based on local knowledge

Projections based on agroclimatic models envision a dramatic decrease in the agricultural production at the global scale, thus affecting the livelihoods of millions of peoples. However, these models focus on the major crops and are too coarse to represent the diversity of crop landraces responses to climate change. Lead by Vanesse Labeyrie, partners in the LICCI research network are preparing to collect local level data that will provide first-hand information on how climate change is affecting crop diversity around the world and how farmers manage to adapt.

Who leads this project?

Vanesse Labeyrie

Cirad contractual researcher

Agroecologist, interested in agrobiodiversity management and the social-ecological dynamics involved

Delphine Renard

CNRS contractual researcher

Ecologist, interested in agrobiodiversity across scales and socio-ecological resilience

Victoria Reyes-García

ICREA Research Professor

ICREA Research Professor and LICCI director


Interaction Department, Ecology and Societies
Biocultural Interactions Team

CNRS researcher, manager of the team Biocultural interactions

Ethnoecologist, interested in local knowledge associated to agrobiodiversity (classification, practices and uses), seeds circulation (Vanuatu), and in wellbeing within winegrowers and vineyards (Gaillac, France).

Director of research at CNRS


Ph.D. researcher

Study site: Morocco

Ph.D. researcher

Study site: Gaillac, France

The Gaillac winegrowers: adapting knowledge and practices to climate change

LICCI Core Team members involved (ICTA-UAB)

LICCI Partners involved

Ávila, Julia Vieira da Cunha
Ph.D. Candidate
Field site: Brazil
Campos-Silva, Joao V.
Field site: Brazilian Amazon region
Chakauya, Rumbidzayi
Ph.D. Candidate
Field site: Zimbabwe
Lanker, Marisa
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Guatemala
Mariel, Juliette
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Madagascar
Mattalia, Giulia
Ph.D. Student
Field site: Bukovina, Romania
Miñarro, Sara
BIGSEA postdoc
Field site: Solomon Islands


Stéphanie M. Carrière
IRD Contractual researcher
Jonathan Loqueville
Ph.D. Student
Faustine Ruggieri
Antoine Morel