Call for Applications

LICCI Project European Regional Workshop – March 27th, ICTA – Autonomous University of Barcelona

The LICCI (Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts: The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research) project is a European Research Council (ERC) funded project aiming to improve our understanding of how climate change affects physical, biological, and socioeconomic systems. Using a mix-method approach, the project will document and analyze local indicators of climate change impacts through the lens of local knowledge across climate types and among several Indigenous Peoples and local communities (visit for more info about the project).

To achieve this goal, we have trained 42 partners, who will collect data in different field sites across the world. We are currently seeking to establish more collaborations with researchers and practitioners based in Europe, whose work involves climate change and local communities, and who are willing to contribute to the goals of the LICCI project.

With that purpose, a training workshop will be held on March 27th 2020 in ICTA-UAB (Barcelona, Spain). Core team members of LICCI will train collaborators who are interested in the LICCI protocol with background information of the project and data collection methods.

By collaborating with the LICCI project, collaborators will be considered as potential co-authors in the articles that use their data, and gain access to and training on how to use the LICCI app (

The workshop will take place from 8:30am to 5:30pm, the detailed schedule is:
8:30-10:30 Introduction: Description of the project goals and terminology.
10:45-12:30 Contextual data: Description of the methods and questions to collect contextual data, including weather and GPS data for the study sites and villages.
12:30-1:30 Lunch break (light food and beverages will be provided by the project).
1:30-3:30 Qualitative data: Description of the methods to collect qualitative data on Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts (LICCI), and Local Adaptations to Climate Change Impacts (LACCI).
3:45-5:30 Data collection tools: Description of the data collection tools, including data collection software (app).

If you wish to attend in person, please register via this link. Registration will be open until 11:59pm of February 28th 2020 (Central European Time) with an attendance cap of 20 people. If more than 20 people register, we will apply a first come, first served criteria for selection. This workshop (except for the part on data collection tools) will also be streamed online here, for those who are interested but not be able to come in person.