Call for applications: Master thesis within LICCI project

Neglected and underutilized crops and climate change adaptation

by Anna Porcuna-Ferrer

A Malagasy farmer holding an Eben tree pod
(Photo by Vincent Porcher)

Are you looking for Master Thesis topic? Are you interested in climate change and neglected or underutilized crops? Then, don’t hesitate to apply. Call for application is now open.  

In the last decades there has been a dramatic decline in agrobiodiversity in farmers’ fields worldwide. Global food security has become increasingly dependent on a limited number of varieties and few major crops. The situation has driven attention to “neglected and underutilized crops” (NUS), which have traditionally been excluded from research and development agenda and ignored by policy-makers. NUS are generally nutritionally rich traditional varieties adapted to risky and fragile environments and which do not require high inputs. Previous research suggests that NUS have untapped potential for reducing risks and adapting to climate change.

The proposed MSc thesis topic seeks to understand how climate change affects the management and diversity of NUS preserved on-farm and the potentials of NUS for climate change adaptation.